Instructions to bid

Step 1: Select the time you want to bid for and go to bidding section.

Step 2: Bid by writing the activity you would be willing to do for that duration of time. Read the rules to keep in mind while deciding the activity. Note that the auction is non-monetary and the agency over the time can only be occuppied or possessed through an activity/ task.

Step 3: Submit your bid. You can continue to bid for a different duration or go to vote.

Instructions to vote

Step 1: Select on the time you want to vote for and go to voting section.

Step 2: Vote on the activity that you find most deserving to win in order to occupy that duration of time.

Step 3: Submit your vote. You can continue to vote for a different duration/ timeslot or go to bid. Note that you can only vote once in any given timeslot.